Transcend Portable SSD ESD400 Review | 256GB

Its a portable external SSD that can replace your typical hard drive. It weights 56g and is a size of a playing card ( 92 x 62 x 10.5mm). It come with a USB 3.0 cable and a carrying pouch. The published read speed is 410MB/s while the write speed is 380MB/s. Storage capacity starts from 128GB right up to 1 TB. Just a side note it’s an upgrade of the older ESD200.

Transcend Portable SSD ESD400 Review | 256GB | Calvin Pixels
As thin as smartphone, the USB3.0 input and the One-touch backup button

Atto Disk Benchmark: 462Mb/s read and 338Mb/s write
AS SSD Benchmark: 427Mb/s read and 309Mb/s write
BlackMagic Disk Speed Test: 427Mb/s read and 315Mb/s write

Since it’s a SSD it can withstand shock and vibration make it much reliable to use on the go. Ultra light as you can carry with your smartphone. Transcend also includes recovery software and another for auto backup which you can press the button on the SSD it it runs automatically. Transcend showed me the possibility for using a small footprint SSD for off-notebook edit storage, below is the comparison of the Transcend ESD400 with my HDD enclosure with Samsung SSD that we are using at Calvin Pixels / Calvin Pixels Media, which is heavier and bigger in size. Not cool. Do check our video review.

Transcend Portable SSD ESD400 Review | 256GB | Calvin Pixels

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