This is Treblab X2. A true wireless sport earbuds featuring IPX4 rating, meaning it is a waterproof. The package comes included with an open style charging case, a charging cable, a total of 6 pair eartips sizes (3 silicone and 3 foam) and 3 ear-fins sizes. The combination of foam eartips together with the ear-fins is superb for sports and high mobility usage. If you shake your head violently as if there’s a 9 magnitude earthquake, the earbuds won’t fall off anytime soon. Latest pricing here Amazon/Shopee/Lazada. | Calvin Pixels | Treblab X2 Review | Beryllium Sport True Wireless Earbuds
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with and without the ear-fins

You can power on/off the earbuds by taking out or putting back into the charging case which is handy. Aside from that, a good long press on the top button on both sides will do the trick as well to power on/off. The buttons are multi-functional, but you should be able to master it within 5 minutes after reading the manual. The passive sound isolation is good thanks to the long sound tube length that goes deep into the ear canal.

The Treblab X2 is powered by a pair of 8.2mm Beryllium Dynamic Drivers. Do take note that Beryllium driver are rare to find in the market due to high cost to produce and it is a miracle that this is available in a sport wireless IEM like this. Similar to the Treblab X5 that we review earlier. The Beryllium is stiffer (the strength diaphragm) so it doesn’t produce unwanted vibration that cause audio distortion at any frequency, but at the same time being highly responsive when it comes to reaction time (thickness of diaphragm).

The Treblab X2 uses Bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity, the maximum stable line of sight connection is 11 meter. The battery expectancy is around 5 hours (with additional 2 case with the charging case) but our battery test which is based on the iPhone 6 at the 4th volume bar manage to lasted us a total of 11 hours and 5 minutes.

1st (buds together): 4 hours 50 minutes
2nd (1st box): 4 hours 55 minutes
3rd (2nd box): 1 hour 20 minutes
Total battery life: 11 hours 5 minutes


Playtime: Up to 5 hours + 2 additional charges with Charging Case
Charging Time: 2 hours
Battery: Earbud (each): 75 mAh, Charging Case: 300 mAh
Bluetooth: 4.2
Signal Range: 33 feet / 10 m
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Driver: Beryllium, 8.2 mm diameter
Noise Cancellation: cVc 6.0
Water Resistance: IPX4
Phone Calls: Built-in mic
Voice Assistant: Siri, Google Assistant
Color: Black / White
Earbuds (Each) Dimensions: 34 x 12 x 37 mm / 1.34 x 0.47 x 1.45 in
Charging Case: 34 x 40 x 20 mm / 1.34 x 1.57 x 0.78 in
Earbuds (Each)Weight: 7 g / 0,25 oz / 0.015 lb
Charging Case Weight: 21 g / 0,74 oz / 0.047 lb
On Device Control: Two Multi-functional buttons on each earbud:
On / Off
Volume control
Play / Pause
Next / Previous
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the open style charge case


Tiaan – Be Ok (Low bass frequency)
The low bass frequency is superbly energetic and it is notable, you can feel the air pressure booming in your ears. The low bass doesn’t eat into the vocals and has zero bass distortion. The subtle bass vibration fades smoothly and the low bass frequency is well bodied. The low bass slightly overpower the vocals, just a tiny bit.

Pia Mia – Do It Again (standard bass)
The bass is highly energetic and firm, you can feel the air pressure booming. The bass fades butter-smooth with a long drag especially at the 2:05 mark, and the vibrations is just an eargasm. One of the best earbuds we have reviewed. The bass slightly overpower vocals, but there is a clear separation between the two. The bass is well bodied and the EDM tones sounds fun and exciting. | Calvin Pixels | Treblab X2 Review | Beryllium Sport True Wireless Earbuds
foam / silicone eartips

Violinder – Raindrops (instrumental)
The piano/ violin tone sounds right and natural. It leans closer to the crystal-clear type not the warm-sound type, I prefer crystal clear type. It has right amount of shine at the high frequency. The tones are well bodied and it doesn’t sound half-hearted.
 The bass/drums feels balance with piano/ violin in term of audible levels, sometime the piano/violin is slightly notable. There is clear separation between the two. A good indication of a balanced IEM.

Pentatonix – See Through
Mitch Grassi’s high-pitched-male Tenor vocals perform very well at the high frequency with the right amount of shine and it feels bright. One of the best we have heard on a true wireless earbuds. Each singer can be identified easily, every diction and pronunciation sounds crystal clear. The vocal beat-boxing, echoing and humming is an eargasm which doesn’t overpower Mitch Grassi’s vocal in the song.

FINAL VERDICT | Calvin Pixels | Treblab X2 Review | Beryllium Sport True Wireless Earbuds
ear-fin vs no ear-fins

It is not easy to find a True Wireless Sports Earbuds that performs well throughout the range from the low frequency to the high frequency. The sound signature is 100% identical to the Treblab X5 we had reviewed. The only differences is the battery life, form factor and the price. This model can rival the Sony Wireless IEM like the Sony WI-SP600N and Sony WF-SP700N. The Beryllium gave the X2 and X5 an edge to outmatch most of it competitors.


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