Western Digital Passport Ultra Review | Benchmark | 2TB

A simple external hard drive with a all matte finish aside from the glossy Western Digital Passport Ultra logo part. Has a LED indicator and comes with a software to automatically backup your file from your PC and set password to the hard drive to prevent authorise access.


Crystal Disk Mark: 107Mb/s read and write speed
Atto Disk: 105Mb/s read and 105Mb/s write
Blackmagic Disk Speed test: 104Mb/s and 102Mb/s write

Western Digital Passport Ultra Review | Benchmark | 2TB | Calvin Pixels

Based on our benchmark the Passport ultra does touch the 100mb/s and nothing below. However is seem fast but we have reviewed something faster, the Transcend StoreJet (here) and the speed does hit 130Mb/s , a 30mb/s advantage is is crucial for faster speed transfer. The good side is its much slimmer and looks better to the eye.


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