Zotac T500 240GB SSD Review | Benchmark

There is two version of Zotac’s Sata III based SSD T500 using TLC Nand Flash and The Premium Edition using MLC. MLC Nand Flash tends to be more reliable with higher life cycle whereas the TLC based is shorter but is more affordable to the mass. Its MYR70 cheaper than its better performing brother the premium edition which is using Toshiba flash and Phison s10 controller similar of the Kingston Hyper X Savage, but for the T500 we are unsure what type of flash and controller it’s using. The published read and write speeds are 550mb/s and 500mb/s respectively.

Crystal Disk Mark: 566Mb/s read and 506Mb/s write
Atto Disk benchmark: 565Mb/s read and 504mb/s write
Blackmagic Speed Test: 523Mb/s read and 437Mb/s write
Anvil scores for Iops.
Zotac T500 240GB SSD Review | Benchmark | Calvin Pixels Malaysia
Based on Atto and Crystal Disk Mark it does match the published speed with it having a 10mb/s more on the read speed at 560Mb/s. Its affordable, reliable and stable with no speed fluctuations during file file transfers like some SSD we reviewed in the past.


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